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Renaissance people are “never satisfied, always innovative”.

People are at the heart of our customer-service driven businesses. We endeavor to constantly improve the caliber of our people at all levels of our operations with the objective of having the best team in the field wherever we compete. This can only be done by employing the most careful methods of selection, training, reward and promotion. Without attaining this goal most of the others can never be reached. With it, they are all possible.

It is also our policy and practice to offer employment opportunity to local workforces, especially in countries like Oman, where development of an indigenous workforce is a national imperative.

Renaissance companies are committed to applying a policy of non-discrimination in employment and promotion. Merit and experience alone should govern, and all should have equal opportunity irrespective of race, color, gender or creed.

We encourage you to send your resume to recruit@tawoos.com.

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