As a service provider Renaissance may not have the same exposure to cause major environmental impact, pollution or disaster as others may have.

Nonetheless, as a company we wish to play our part, however small in comparison to others, to protect the environment, minimize pollution and seek improvements in the efficient use of natural resources.

We are stepping up our activity in the regard to help us achieve recognized credentials as a truly green company. Please read about our endeavors in the below chart of latest environmental reports produced by Renaissance and its subsidiary companies.

Initiative Topic Description
Managing Waste at PAC Waste Management How is hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposed of at accommodation camps which house 1,000+ employees? Our report takes a look at the waste management and environmental initiative at one Renaissance camp.
Reducing CO2 emissions and saving lives Air pollution Following a client request to apply a speeding control device to delivery trucks, our company applied devices to a greater number of vehicles within our camp. The result was more Safety, less speeding, less braking, and CO2 reduction.

The Renaissance Approach:

  1. Identify what our major environmental impacts are.
  2. Ensure effective waste management.
  3. Ensure we measure our performance in key areas.
  4. Examine the way we work and identify any activity that affects our environmental performance.
  5. The policy, procedures/instructions shall ensure these key activities are undertaken correctly or amend work instruction as required.
  6. Ensure everyone is environmentally aware and uses the mechanism available to raise improvement ideas.
  7. We shall endeavor to keep the system simple and change things with everybody’s knowledge that the Company can make a difference.