At Renaissance we see our responsibility to the environment as an opportunity to improve our efficiency and provide a better service to our clients, to governments and to communities.

We will never be satisfied until we reach Goal Zero: no harm to people, no harm to the environment.

How will we get there?

Environmental awareness is integral to sustainability, and if you look into our business, you find these concepts coupled to our day-to-day mechanics. From the youth and efficiency of our OSV fleet, to the Solar panel project we are using to drive down energy costs, we want everyone in Renaissance to view environmental stewardship as an opportunity, rather than an obligation. It is because we think like this, that we recently won the Golden Green Award for our new waste management approach.

The Renaissance Approach to environmental management is:

  1. Identify what our major environmental impacts are.
  2. Ensure effective waste management.
  3. Ensure we measure our performance in key areas.
  4. Examine the way we work and identify any activity that affects our environmental performance.
  5. The policy, procedures/instructions shall ensure these key activities are undertaken correctly or amend work instruction as required.
  6. Ensure everyone is environmentally aware and uses the mechanism available to raise improvement ideas.
  7. We shall endeavour to keep the system simple and change things with everybody’s knowledge that the Company can make a difference.